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EY - Latin America Business Centre


As competition in global markets becomes more intense, companies are under ever-increasing pressure to undertake cross-border transactions to expand their business structures internationally, either through organic growth or acquisition.

This drive towards globalization means companies are increasing the number of transactions on which they need international tax advice to remain competitive. Our Global Tax Desk Network can help add value to clients facing these challenges.

Our LatAm Desk in EMEIA is staffed by tax professionals from different jurisdictions in Latin America who provide tax advice on investments in and through their home and other Latin American jurisdictions.

The strong focus on inbound and through bound tax issues creates a deep subject matter expertise that can help expand the client serving team’s insightfulness as well as increase their responsiveness to client needs.

The LatAm Tax Desk Network is a real-time resource that our Tax Account Leaders (TALs) and other professionals can use to gain in-depth tax advice on the laws of the foreign desk’s home jurisdiction. With a central hub in London, it is ideally suited to assist local tax teams and TALs to develop tax-effective structuring of multi country transactions.

José Manuel Padilla  - jpadilla@uk.ey.com
Camilo Garavito - camilo.garavito@uk.ey.com  

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